Knowledge and Capacity Building

We recognize a collective need to move forward on emergent regional issues through education, identification and planning. Regional priorities, such as housing, are complex with a wide range of needs depending on community and demographics. To identify and address these emergent issues we require strategies which combine resources, knowledge and capacity through shared learning, planning and implementation.

The ACHN has adopted a firm philosophy of ‘Networking the Networks’ to support the work being done by community collectives, organizations and communities in the region. To better reflect this in our new strategic plan the ACHN has identified Knowledge and Capacity Building as a priority to define the way in which we support existing networks and initiatives aimed at addressing emergent issues and capacity building activities in our region. This priority reflects the way in which the network interacts with community stakeholders in order to take shared action on emergent issues which are impacting the health and well being in regional communities.

What we have done, where we are going