Our Work

The ACHN aims to ‘network the networks’, working with local partners to develop a culture of collaboration and mutual accountability. We see this as an integral part of our role as a network and motivator for social change in the region. This includes but is not limited to activities which provide education, capacity development and opportunities to develop shared language and priorities internally to the Network as well as in the region with community partners.

The ACHN has been successful in identifying and communicating its role as either a supporting or convening organization for regional networks, initiatives and priorities. The will to support organizations to achieve their mandate and increase the regions ability to build healthy communities has been observed in the ability to share data collection, connect and support initiatives, influence decisions and leverage resources. The ACHN identified its will to create action tables to assist in convening activities; to plan for, lead and evaluate action when no clear lead role is evident to drive the work forward.

Network Development is the framework from which the ACHN operates, moving forward in our new strategic plan we will maintain our momentum by updating and maintaining our tools and processes developed to date while continually scanning for additional ways to support the development of healthy communities region wide.

Check out the 2018 Strategic Plan and more details on our four strategic priorities:

  • Network Development
  • Building Regional Prosperity
  • Community Connectedness
  • Knowledge and Capacity Development